It is not easy to find a reputable cloud-hosting provider for my niche websites as I want to have high-quality service at a reasonable price point. Fortunately, my friend suggests me to try the Digital Ocean.

​I decide to use this provider for one of my niche websites. In my opinion, you could use some providers if you have many niche websites like me in order to check the quality of these providers. Most importantly, your website ought to attract a lot of visitors with stable uptime. Each provider often has their benefits as well as their weak points.

What Is Digital Ocean?

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting company in the US which designed for developers. The company was found in New York in 2011 with some talented engineers. Their platform is to make a hosting structure for the requirements of technical developers.

Their service is not complicated, and they prove their big time on the features that they promote. Today, Digital Ocean has more than 550,000 developers from countries to the world.

They are one of the most well-deserved reputation cloud hosting providers in the industry without getting any hacks or co-operations reported.

How Does Digital Ocean Work?

To understand more about how Digital Ocean works, you ought to look for some major features. Digital Ocean totally has some excellent features that most of the webmasters and developers prefer using.

Main Features

​Here are some certain features that you may come across:

  • 55-second supplying: all of their cloud servers are provided about 55 seconds only. In other words, your machine will be quickly and smoothly run.
  • SSD hard drives: SSD hard drives surely will enhance performance on your websites.
  • High-quality bandwidth: all servers have 1GB per second in the network interface and all plans begin with 1TB each month and additionally increase.
  • KVM droplets: all KVM droplets are tailored to upgrade high level of security and performance.
  • Control panel: control panel pay attention to the usability, designing the difficulties of traditional web hosting.
  • Powerful hardware: all cloud servers have Hex Core machines with ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage. These are great benefits to store all databases on one website.

Standard Plans

​Standard plans have one server to four servers and memory also has various capacities between 512MB to 8 GB. On the one hand, the TB transfer rate probably has from 1 to 5 depending on the plan. And the SSD Disk space begins with 20GB and maximizes to 80GB.

​Some Common Plans

​Digital Ocean also provides lots of top-notch plans that all developers and webmasters love and need to use for their websites. These are some common plans that they give to their clients.

  • 1 GB memory
  • 1 core processor
  • 30 GB SSD disk
  • TB transfer

How To Register An Account

​As always, you need to register an account on the Digital Ocean homepage initially. Then, you create your server with a few clicks on their dashboard. At this time, you can see many available default selections.

Then, you will receive FTP details through your email. Next, you should move code. Finally, you add the DNS at the server IP address to complete.

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Affordable Price

​Pricing is probably one of the most important points you draw attention to. For example, with the base droplet, you will pay $5 per month which offers a server with 512MB of memory plus 1 CPU and 20GB SSD Disk (I have listed out the prices as below).

​Please carry in mind that you ought to have a trap with cheap monthly prices in an advertisement from any hosting service provider.

They might do not have the ability to serve your website at a respectable speed. Therefore, do not just go by price when selecting a provider because you will have a bad feeling of regret for lack of thinking all small points.

​Well-Deserved Reputation

​Digital Ocean gives more than 90 percent uptime with lost time being turned back to your account at the hourly rate appeared. In fact, I have never had downtime or slowness situations on my website.

​High Speed

​As mentioned, my website does not have any downtime or slowness when I use the server of Digital Ocean.

They have some database centers around the world such as Bangalore, London, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Toronto. Thus, you totally can run and use your website from any server that they serve.


​When you have a problem, you need to contact the support system. You enable to check the community forums which you can find many answers to some popular issues. If your problem is quite different, you will raise a support ticket.

Then, an engineer will answer your question and will help you recognize your technical issues.

What I Like About Digital Ocean?

  • Ease of use
  • Excellent uptime
  • Friendly customer service
  • Reasonable price point
  • Reputable provider
  • Used high-end hardware
  • Free management web UI
  • Flexible payment methods

What I Don't Like About This Provider?

  • Lack of live chat and phone selections
  • Lack of cPanel and basic hosting

Why Should You Buy Digital Ocean?

Basically, Digital Ocean is a great cloud hosting provider if you are starting with development and you do not mind too much about their supporting on your own servers. Also, they collaborate with GitHub from GitHub Student Developer Pack.

In other words, you can begin to use it easily. On the flip side, their plans are affordable price point than other rivals on the market; however, it does not mean their quality is cheap. Multiple Linux distributions are also suitable for Ubuntu and CentOS.

This gets them the right candidate for hosting build servers; especially if you are a Windows-centric developer.

How Much Price Is It?

Plan Name



Monthly Price

Cloud 1


1 TB


Cloud 2


2 TB


Cloud 3


3 TB


Cloud 4


4 TB


Cloud 5


5 TB


Cloud 6

160 GB SSD

6 TB


Cloud 7

320 GB SSD

7 TB


Cloud 8

480 GB SSD

8 TB


Cloud 9

640 GB SSD

9 TB


To know more about straightforward pricing, you should access their homepage.

Final Words

​Thanks to the Digital Ocean, my website has increased many visitors. The server is quite steady and the loading time is rapid that it does not annoy viewers.

Although the downside is that they do not have good support, I still solve my website issue through support tickets.

If you are looking for a developer’s playground and safe database servers, Digital Ocean will be your right option.