A video is the most common and effective senses of distributing, promoting, and broadcasting. Videos and other kinds of online marketing platform are one of the quickest growing markets in the digital world these days, but videos can get a better interaction with audiences easily.

For this reason, most affiliate marketers and others should begin with their video channels to sell their products, their services or even their personal brand image as well.

Make a video is not difficult, but create an attractive video is a daunting challenge at all. In this case, using a professional tool is a smart choice. And today, you have another opportunity to find out excellent software for your videos right away with Easy Sketch Pro!

An Overview Of Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is software that supports you to make high-quality hand-drawn videos for an exceedingly low price. I am pretty sure that you will cost thousands of dollars when outsourcing a company or hire an artist to make a video.

Instead, using Easy Sketch Pro can save you many bucks; especially for all small business owners and bloggers who want to promote their products through amazing whiteboard animations.

Easy Sketch Pro is a video creation tool which lets you make reaching videos from images, text, and video as well.

In other words, this is software like Photoshop and a video editor program. It enables to make lots of efficient animations and allows you to boost your making video process in a great way.

Easy Sketch Pro has launched the 3rd interaction with a lot of improvements. Furthermore, it has changed the way of improving the performance and usability. For instance, the speed is the first change in this version.

Moreover, the latest version can support you improve your video creations analytical database. Thus, you enable to track databases to know how visitors are interacting with your videos, how much they watch your videos, when they stop, etc. After that, you ought to increase your conversions.

How Can You Begin With It?

First of all, you are able to upload your own images or any kind of pre-loaded photo into the software. Then, you can use the tool to animate these images.

Secondly, you enable to insert a video and get the software convert to an animated drawing for you. Also, you probably get Easy Sketch Pro to draw a live video which is a true equipment incredible and smart feature!

What Benefits Can You Receive When Using Easy Sketch Pro?

Not required monthly fee to subscribe

Unlike other software competitors, Easy Sketch Pro does not require users have to pay a monthly subscription.

There are 3 major purchasing options with available plans which are the starter, the business, and the business pro as well. Each package offers you full rights of using the software which you then need to download.

Absolutely, the higher plan has the most incredible features, but each version provides you its commercial rights. In other words, once you have owned Easy Sketch Pro, you are able to undertake with your videos and you will not have to pay any extra fee.

Edit your videos easily

When adding your video to Easy Sketch Pro, you may resize and adjust it just like drawn objects. If you want to play a live video clip in the middle of the animated presentation you are making, you will drag and drop it onto the presentation, resize and move your video where you want it to perform.

Choose many features for revising your videos

Easy Sketch Pro has lots of unique features which allow you to edit and add. There are more than 50 drawing animations to help you create audio, visual components, and full backdrops that you can begin with.

Also, there are other features which allow you to do the creation of non-whiteboard style videos, including slide presentations, live video, animations and cartoons, visual components, etc. This helps you make a video with several different styles.

Add Call to Action buttons

It is a good idea to use many different calls to action features in your videos and Easy Sketch Pro has this unique feature to interact with your targeted audiences.

For instance, you can insert a play button which supports you to launch a video clip to live in your existing video, an available link in a Facebook page, a call to action to let users log in a service or product at the end of a presentation. These features create your videos more meaningful for any visitor watching videos.

What I like About?

  • Affordable price tag without getting additional fees
  • Diverse impressive features including draw video
  • Automatic call to action buttons
  • Affordable price point
  • Ease of install and use
  • Embed your videos on your projects
  • Many new images in the library

What I Don't Like About?

  • Lack of the cloud-based platform

Are You Considering The Price Tag?

​As mentioned earlier, you do not have to pay extra fees for your package once you have chosen your option. Easy Sketch Pro has only 3 main plans for users to choose from with reasonable price tag.

Choose Your Easy Sketch Pro Pack Now


In case you have bought a prior version, you have only to buy the Bronze version. Then, your license will be updated for free from the Bronze to the Gold later.

Do not forget to contact the support team and show them both the original as well as the latest purchase receipt. The offering has a 30-day money-back guarantee period without receiving any question.​


Why do I use Easy Sketch Pro? Well, I do not have much money to hire a professional video maker or outsource an agent to support me revise and promote my video. I have no idea with the graphic design in most videos, so using Easy Sketch Pro is my best option.

I think that most bloggers and small business owners often select this choice because they can save lots of things on theirs. Even if you have a growth business, you should consider this option for your long run on the current market.

You know, hire an employee is not easier than you may think and you cannot guess what you will get in life! Often have the backup plan to promote your campaign is a smart choice and Easy Sketch Pro probably supports you do this in the today’s market!