It is said that HawkHost is one of the largest and best hosting services from countries to the world. This company received many good reviews from customers. Found in 2004, HawkHost has developed quickly. Nowadays, this company has total five database centers around the world and provides several hosting services to meet all customer requirements.

​An Overview Of The HawkHost

HawkHost is a web-hosting service company based in Canada. Today, they have five different server locations in the USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This is really a big plus for every user to have a different server in their different websites around the world.

On the one hand, HawkHost offers various web-hosting services at an affordable price point and the quality of these services is still assured at all. The main service of this company is shared web hosting, but they also have extra services such as semi-dedicated and reseller VPS hosting services.

​Reviews Of Their Web-Hosting Services


Share Web Hosting

In general, HawkHost provides many basic features for those who want to have the high-quality service in a web-hosting company. It is said that HawHost is the best solution for those who begin to build their blog only.

They enable to follow their shared hosting packages like the Super package to get the benefits from this package. With the limited disk space, you will have about 24000 MB that is approximately 2.4 GB. This is a huge expectation for the requirement in most of the website.


VPS Hosting

Whether you choose the advanced, the super or just the basic package, you always receive main features with high-quality services in each box.

For example, you want to have a VPS server, the company provides a dedicated or a semi-dedicated hosting to you if you have outgrown all choices due to shared hosting.


WordPress Hosting

HawHost gives the WordPress Hosting quickly, and users can install it without much hassle. Just by one-click installing, you enable to complete the process in a few minutes only.

On the flip side, the company also has a free-expert migration and supports all customers regularly thanks to the WordPress supporting team in HawkHost. The servers also have been optimized for adjusting WordPress to have a better quality.

Their Main Features


​If you register the service of HawkHost, you will experience how well they serve the clients. Because all servers of the HawkHost network are built from SSD, you will not wait for the loading time. The loading time is about one or two seconds only.

In other words, you can save time to do another task at once simultaneously. Even if you are loading larger websites, the time is between two and three seconds from a database US server to the Amsterdam main server.

2/​Well-Served Reputation

​HawkHost allows you can use four content management systems with a common installation of the WordPress as well as Magneto. When using HawHost as your hosting provider, you totally access many domains, subdomains, and email accounts.

Enter  these management systems is given via one-click install only as the company put the advertisement on their main page. So, you can access the Internet and build your website in a couple of minutes only. For those who want to build a solid construction for their websites, go for HawkHost and you will get what you pay for.

With the reasonable price, newbies can operate their websites or blogs smoothly. But, lower price point does not mean it is cheap. Conversely, it still keeps the quality of all services by offering unlimited bandwidths and disk space for their clients. There is no doubt that HawkHost is a well-being reputation in the web-hosting service world.

Some larger E-commerce websites could not use HawkHost because they need to update their storages on a regular basis and their database change every day. They often choose WPEngine or SiteGround, but they still agree that HawHost is a reliable web-hosting company.

3/​Customer Service

As careful customers, we cannot beat the customer service of HawkHost as their employees do very well for clients. HawkHost has built live chat system quite well, but they do not offer a direct call to the customers, so you sometimes feel uncomfortable and annoyed because of the slow response.

They usually respond to their customers about 20 or 30 minutes at all. However, in some tough situations, the time might increase one or two hours. For the first time of accessing the website, you can do and find the necessary information like how to register, how to use, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The HawHost


  • Fast loading
  • Reliable reputation
  • High-quality hosting service
  • Affordable price for all users
  • Great customer service
  • Attractive promotions in the holiday such as Black Friday, etc


  • Live chat system only
  • Lack dedicated server package
  • Medium-size packages for entry-level bloggers

Black Friday Promotion In HawkHost

Like other service company, HawkHost also has some promotions in the big sale seasons like Black Friday.

Each year, HawkHost often releases several coupons in every hosting packages such as up to 70%-sale off coupons in Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

Shared Hosting Coupons

You will have 70% discount on the first bill of using Shared Hosting with $ 0.89 per month only and 55% sale off for lifetime Shared Hosting package.

70% Shared Hosting
70% For The First Bill Shared Hosting-Black Fridays-0.89$/Month More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017
55% Off Lifetime Shared Hosting
55% Off Lifetime Shared Hosting More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017

Reseller Hosting Coupons

Reduce the first bill of the Reseller Hosting package up to 60% and you can pay $5.19 per month only. Furthermore, you enable to have a 50% sale off for lifetime Reseller Hosting package.

60% Off For The First Bill Reseller Hosting
60% Off For The First Bill Reseller Hosting, Just 5.19$/Month More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017
50% Lifetime Reseller Hosting
50% Lifetime Reseller Hosting More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

​You will pay only $4.79 only if you choose the semi-dedicated hosting package for Black Friday. In other words, you will save 70% to purchase in this big deal season for the first bill. With the lifetime package, you will still save up to 55%.

55% Off Lifetime Semi-Dedicated Hosting
55% Off Lifetime Semi-Dedicated Hosting More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017
70% Off For The First Bill Semi-Dedicated Hosting
70% Off For The First Bill Semi-Dedicated Hosting, Just 4.79$/tháng More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017

VPS Hosting

For those who choose the VPS Hosting, they can save up to 60% on the first bill. They will pay $7.2 per month only and the percentage of the VPS Hosting Lifetime up to 45%. The Black Friday in 2017 is coming very close, why do you make an opportunity to buy your own hosting package for your website?

60% Off The First Bill VPS Hosting
60% Off The First Bill VPS Hosting, Just 7.2$/Month More Less
Expired on: 28-11-2017


HawkHost is also a strong competitor to other similar web-hosting service companies around the world for their price points and serving quality. Moreover, their shared hosting and semi-dedicated hosting accounts have a 30-day money guarantee. Many users have received a suitable package of HawHost which these take into account to select it as their necessary choices.

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