You will absolutely have a problem with building a landing page in the first place or anytime because this process is a bit complicated to undertake like making codes for a website. Even if you know how to code a landing page, you probably take several hours to complete a real page.

If you do not have time to do that or you have no idea about making a landing page, what should you do? Of course, you can find an agency, but be sure your budget allows you do that! In case you want to get a saving, then you could find a right tool that helps you with this stuff. And a tool I want you to know is Instabuilder.

Welcome to an easy world of designing a landing page. Keep on reading my Instabuilder review to know the reason!

An Overview Of The Instabuilder

With the Instabuilder, I want to say that this is a great tool for those who get trouble with WordPress plugin or any kind of landing page. In other words, you have no idea about the website or blog for the first time of creating.

However, please keep in mind that the Instabuilder has no trick from a magic bullet machine. This tool is an advanced WP plug-in efficient for making many pages. Its simplistic program could be used to make incredible displays within a few minutes without controlling codes of any sort.

Some Excellent Features In The Instabuilder

Drag And Drop Motion

You often wish to drop and drag motion to fit in a banner that could be positioned in the cursor. Due to a final product, the landing pages are able to dodge cookie cutter, do advertising blockers, and stay focused on your brand.


InstaBuilder completely enables to incorporate dynamic animation for an engaging console on your homepage. The handled environment for making the rolling stock effect does it and strays prepared for other addition. Also, you ought to add images, text, buttons, columns, tabled content, Facebook comment, etc.

Time Delayed Component

Setting a sale is more about introducing the product in advance. Then, you can slide it towards the potential customer. At InstaBuilder, the traditional marketing technique changes online with the Time Delayed Component.

It delays the appearance of the Buy Now button, so all viewers get the exact time to grasp the concept behind your web page.

This great idea changes to a ground-breaking asset while dealing with video sales letter, time-specific open charts, and other marketing strategies.

Visual Editor

InstaBuilder has a kind of built-in image editor to be integrated with a landing page creator. This great feature is powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK, which is the visual editor can add a suitable amount of effects to the traditional looks for a photograph.

Thanks to the transform process through a multiple window design or make it into a logo, they often keep an appealing finish.

Each Instabuilder tool-kit is a completed graphics pack and comes with an abundance of pre-designed features such as a call to action buttons, icons, page separators, header images, and so on.

Supported Webinars

In the InstaBuilder, you might hear the term GoToWebinar is the best webinar offer. It probably integrates with the unlimited source for giving a webinar based sales funnel. You can deliver sales presentations, long-form content, etc. without getting a concern about the delivery system.

Customizable Mmarketing Feature

This feature has Countdown Timer, Exit Redirect Pop-up, Social Sharing Selections, etc. Additionally, it also includes SEO settings to protect private and download pages, as well as many options for publishing your pages in HTML format and on Facebook.

What Will You Have When Using The InstaBuilder?

Thanks to the ease of drag and drop function; you ought to do everything for your landing page as quick as you can.

With the built-in art graphics and professionally designed templates, you are able to create pages through a few clicks without having any graphics and technical experience.

In other words, InstaBuilder is a tremendous plugin for building landing pages and using WordPress; particularly if you consider the one-time price.

When using this software, you will feel comfortable like you are playing a game!

Things I like

  • Ease of setup and use
  • Flexible mobile or tablet
  • Great analytics
  • Reasonable price tag
  • User-friendly layout
  • Available for other integration like WP extras

Things I do not like

  • Nothing bad points can be found in the InstaBuilder

Who Should Use InstaBuilder?

InstaBuilder will appeal to any digital marketer. Whether you master of making landing pages or not, you totally gain many benefits of having good landing page software.

You are confident to build single product niche affiliate websites, the squeeze pages for collecting emails, your own sales pages as well.

How About The Price Tag?

Beginning with a lifetime license for three packages of $77 up to developer’s license is a good way to use on client sites for $197.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, when you want to sell products or launch a new product on the online platform, you need to have landing pages or sale pages. And InstaBuilder is everything you should have for supporting a sale page.

You do not have to be a developer or a webmaster to install and begin with the making process in the InstaBuilder. You follow the instruction only on the InstaBuilder’s page and study other demo videos.

Furthermore, advanced users can choose this software to help you reduce the difficult things in the process of creating a landing page. In other words, everyone enables to use this tool when they run their business on the Internet.

Click the link below and start your journey right now! Thank you for reading my InstaBuilder review.

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