Namecheap is one of the best domain service company which accredited by ICANN. Founded in 2000, Namecheap began by providing valuable domains with great customer service. They have over 3 million customers and control over 7 million domains from countries to the world.

They also offer some additional hosting services. Clients are like using Namehcheap because they also have other services which are necessary for patrons to build their websites in the long-term usage such as email, website builder, SSLs, etc.


​Here are a few features that we love Namecheap and we still use this domain service firm.

  • Softaculous This is one of the greatest features of their services. You can select this package to download over 100 programs through a few clicks only.
  • Daily backups 

Several business owners need to undertake daily backups with their business plans twice per day which means that they have huge databases to store. Whether you are a business owner or a personal user, you should not depend on the backups from a server only.

This will increase a risk from your database in the long-term using. However, you will find a link in cPanel to CodeGuard. Anyone absolutely can register CodeGuard and begin their using.

  • CloudFlare Integration If you want to boost the speed of your website, then you should consider using CloudFlare Integration.
  • Built-in Google App If you want to use Google Apps for your business, you will prefer using Namecheap with Built-in Google App. This feature allows you to integrate some configuration tools for documents, emails, and calendars.


Automatic newsletter email

In the email newsletter, you do not make any changes and all your new blog posts will be sent as an email newsletter. By doing this, you enable to take advantage of the blog's RSS features and use RSS to send automated email newsletters to registered users.

With a free option, Feedburner is the best, but as a serious blogger, you need to consider using Aweber as it also converts RSS into an email newsletter. You do not use automatic RSS to createan email newsletter for you, you will have to choose the articles and send them to subscribers.

You can filter out the content and the particular email subscription will receive the quality content that you manually pick out. This is a smart strategy which most professional bloggers apply. It will help you get maximum email exposure and increase trust in your email newsletter.

New readers can return to your website

If there are first-time visitors to access your blog and they find your content interesting, then they will subscribe to the blog email newsletter. This will help them come back again and they are able to become your regular visitors and also become potential customers in your future for the service or product that you provide.

Drag more targeted visits

When a subscriber subscribes to a newsletter, it means that he or she is interested the content on your blog they receive a newsletter. They will surely visit the blog again. Having targeted visitors is extremely important for any blog and newsletters. This is the best way to get them to visit your blog on a regular basis.

Avoid spam troubles

When using an IP on a shared host, it means that your blog or website has the same IP address as many other blogs or websites that also use this server. Does anyone ensure that one of them does not "spam" the public "IP" is listed on the blacklist and also make your email will be sent by default to the spam mailbox?

All blogs or websites hosted on a server will be affected. Assuming you handle some email marketing campaigns from your website, it will be a disaster. Not only your customers willnot receive an email (as spam filters), but your reputation will be strongly reduced.

If your machine has its own IP address, you do not have to worry too much about this issue. Even if other people on the same IP are marked as spam, then your website will not impact.

Set up SSL settings easily

Although many types of SSL allow installation on an IP shared host, some other types still require you to have your own Dedicated IP Hosting. Therefore, using Dedicated IP Hosting will support you prevent many problems and install SSL clearly.

Do SEO greatly

When using private IP, hosting creates the advantages in SEO. If you build a personal blog (PBN) network to do SEO for your site, these blogs with different IP ranges will not be "discovered" and the opportunities of being penalized are quite low. You will also minimize the possibility of "dying together".


Pros And Cons


  • Reliable web hosting
  • Affordable price point
  • Great customer service (24/7 supporting)
  • Compatible with WordPress source code
  • Accept payment by Paypal
  • Incredible mail support function


  • Auto-refresh feature on a stable platform
  • You will lose time exploring all options
  • Website is not customer friendly
  • The website sometimes disconnected

How To Register

​Here are simple steps to buy a domain name and how to register your domain name at NameChap. First of all, you click on the link of Namecheap. Then, you choose and type the domain name that you want to buy.When you decide your real domain name, you should click on the cart.

In the second step, you need to switch some foundation custom such as the number of years, the hidden domain information, etc. Your domain name will be concealed the information in the first year. You should pay$2.88 in the next renewal year.

If you have a Promo Code, then you could press the Confirm Order button to continue the process. Then, you need to register your account by filling some information. When completing, you click theCreat Account and Continue button.

There are various forms of payment such as Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc. you enable to choose one of the forms are available on the website and yours. After completing, the system will automatically transfer you to the NameCheap management page.It means that you have completed the registration.

Why You Buy It

​You totally choose GODADY or Namecheap depending on your choice, but for us, we prefer using Namecheap. We think that Namecheap has an excellent customer service that will help you to solve your problems with your websites in the long run.

The price tag is also reasonable for most of the users. On the flip side, your websites will also improve thanks to using Namecheap. Why do not register it right now?


​In a nutshell, we found Namecheapto be a great hosting option with an available price point in our budget. For those who begin run a small website with low traffic numbers, they will need to consider Namecheap to support them to build their websites.

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