Construct a website or blog is hard, but it is more difficult when you have to manage many websites and look at what visitors do on these websites.

In other words, you need to measure the traffic on your website to watch out how well your website performance is.

In this situation, you need to use a supporting tool which helps you do these. When mentioning the web management, I think of SpyStream 2.0. I will show you the reason why I love this tool pretty much.

About SpyStream 2.0

SpyStream is a new brand of the cloud-based platform which exactly supports you where and how your visitors do with their clicks and performs on your website or blog at anywhere and under any circumstance.

Moreover, SpyStream 2.0 is the latest version of this brand that allows you to find out the reason visitors take their action or not. This tool will give you improve your websites and become a potential money-making machine.

In fact, driving the traffic of a website and scrolling patterns are not easy than most website owners thought. However, SpyStream 2.0 probably does these for you as smooth as it can.

SpyStream is a true software to display specific visitor performance like their needs and recording what they do through video sessions which you can review these later for studying. You enable to see the moves and performances of your visitors on your website.

On the one hand, SpyStream 2.0 ought to show other things such as track and show click heat maps, DOM click tracking, GEO location, browser type, keywords necessary, visitor age, etc.

How Can You Start With SpyStream 2.0?

It is so easy to start using the SpyStream 2.0 in three main steps. First of all, you need to download the SpyStream 2.0 Tracking Pixel on your website or landing page. Secondly, you should look at the real time of the video recordings of your visitors and heatmap of clicks.

Also, do not miss out the interaction between the visitors and your website, operating system, countries, and devices of your visitors. Finally, you pay attention to things that you need to optimize, get rid of or change something to help audiences can visit your website on a regular basis.

What Will You Gain When Using SpyStream 2.0?

Optimize Heat-map technology

With SpyStream 2.0, you enable to observe the right spots and state of where audiences are clicking on your website. Your visitors ought to search by page, date, etc. Thus, you can see keywords a visitor can type to reach your website, their age, their living regions, browser category, etc.

Record video sessions about visitor’s performance on your website

When using SpyStream 2.0, you can watch video session of the visitor browsing to identify what they are reading and seeing your website.

Identify the tracker

Thanks to SpyStream 2.0, you can watch in real time to discover the accurate place where everyone stops reading the content on your website.

Find out detailed visitors

Realize who your audiences and who your target audiences are by paying attention to GeoIP address, their nation, operating system, visits per day, etc.

Use the keywords finder

Keywords are one of the most important things that stabilize your searching rates on the search engines. Therefore, when you add your content or any concept to your website, you need to measure the result of this. You can watch out top search phrases and traffic from all main search engines.

Get resell opportunity

You may surprise that SpyStream 2.0 could be ideal tool to introduce and sell your services to all customers, earn much money, and increase bucks on your budget at the same time.

Take cloud-based platform with the third party tracking

SpyStream has two versions and the second version also has the cloud-based platform. This feature supports you track any website that you want with other HTML pages and page builder services.

What I like About?

  • Ease of following
  • Great resources saving like save time, money, and effort
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ideal option for any niche website
  • Good customer service (quick response and full support)
  • Increased reseller opportunity
  • Affordable price point
  • No extra fees
  • Fast connection

What I Don't Like About?

  • Required basic knowledge of marketing to use the tool

Why Should You Try SpyStream 2.0 Right Now?

SpyStream 2.0 can work quite well in any niche for everyone with any converting type. This tool is perfect for affiliate marketer, website builders or leading page builders, business owners, list builders, CPA, marketers, website application owners, and bloggers.

Google Analytics and other tracking programs cannot display full of details like SpyStream 2.0. This offers you the similar technology company like Clicktale

Is SpyStream 2.0 Reasonable Price Point?

​In general, you will pay only $27 for lifetime package. Additionally, SpyStream 2.0 offers the OTO1 and the OTO2 which cost $67 and $97. They also provide extra bonuses that you should not miss out, including:

SpyStream 2.0 also has many big bonuses for all users:

  • Bonus 01 Viral Mobilio
  • Bonus 02 Spy Social
  • Bonus 03 Spy Stats
  • Bonus 04 Social Stream
  • Bonus 05 Lead Magnet Authority Builder
  • Bonus 06 Lead Magnet Pro
  • Bonus 7: Wp Builder Pro
  • Bonus 8: Wp One Click SEO

To know more details about the cost and each bonus, you should access their homepage.


In my experience, I recommend SpyStream 2.0 for new affiliate marketers because this is the right solution to improve your smooth journey in this industry such as the content, the traffic, the number of selling products, etc.

Additionally, you always have an opportunity to try this tool and you do not lose anything in the first place as you can get your return after accepting 30-day free trial. Everything you need to do is to add the SpyStream 2.0 tracking code and your server totally saved!

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