Last year, my friend introduced me try using StableHost with a discount code of 50% lifetime (I shared the coupon below). To be honest, the first time I heard that I feel it is pretty cool, but I wonder how about the quality with this price point.

Then, I have read and read most of the reviews at that time. After more than a year of using it, StableHost is getting better and better  than I expected. I currently have switched to use VPS due to higher demand.

An Overview Of Stablehost

StableHost has three data centers in the US and one in the Netherlands. However, when you buy it, it's best to choose a server in the US for a better speed. Also, they apply SSD hard drive for the entire host package whether high-end package or lower price.

​Review Of The Web-Hosting Services

​Support, Speed, and Uptime

Although it is no longer using StableHost, I really have sympathy with StableHost. In the past, I read some reviews recommended choosing Location Phoenix for the best speed, but the registration speed is very slow and I was very upset. After a week without improvement, I sent a ticket asking them to refund.

The customer service responded very politely and gently moved my registration to another server in Amsterdam for a trial before making a refund. When the server is new, everything is as promised, faster and more stable.

I used the Automattic Jetpack to control the downtime situation of the website, but I do not find any downtime. StableHost is so great. As you can see, they also warned their website could be hacked. They work very hard. Most of the tickets I sent received the satisfactory answer.

The shared hosting price of StableHost is affordable. It is suitable for those who have their websites about 400-500 visitors each day.

Currently, all shared hosting packages are no longer limited to capacity, bandwidth, RAID10 SSD hard drive, Varnish Caching with increased CPU limits. The quality completely improved.

The only downside of StableHost is probably they do not have live chat. In addition, everything is where you can be assured of long-term use.

How To Buy And Register An Account In StableHost

Step1: You access StableHost and choose Web Hosting category.

Step2: You Select Starter Package.

Step 3:  You also need to choose some options as below

  • Select "I will use my existing nameservers". Then, you enter the domain name bought in Namecheap in the box below.
  • Pick a buying period (in fact, you should choose a minimum of 6 months or more because of the cost of the job).
  • The Order Summary section is the total amount you need to pay.
  • The Hosting Location you should choose is Phoenix, AZ (server in the US).
  • Then, click Continue.

Step 4 :  Enter the personal information

​Then, you need to enter your personal information, address, security question, credit card information (if you pay by card), Paypal account (if you choose Paypal).

Step5 :  ​Check the payment account

Once you have entered the discount code, you'll see the payment amount:

  • Subtotal: Original amount, no discount code applied;
  • The percentage of One Time Discount: Your money is reduced (in general, you will save money for some big deal seasons such as Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc. if you catch the discount coupon promptly);
  • Total Due Today: The amount that you need to pay now;
  • Total Recurring: The total amount that you need to pay to renew when the host expires.

Step 6 : Agree on all rules of StableHost

Pull down, you should tick the "I have read and agreed to Terms of Service" to agree to the rules, and press Checkout button to start your payment. Once the payment process is completed, they will inform you that you have successfully placed the Order ID number.

Step 7Continue these steps

Now, you click on menu Services -> My services to see the service you bought, if you see the hosting package has the word Active blue is activated successfully. If the red Pending words appear, then you need to wait for approval (try to wait for 1 to 2 hours to check it again).

When you buy a successful account, you will be sent by StableHost 3 email as shown below

  • Welcome to StableHost: Greetings a little courtesy
  • Credit Card Payment Confirmation: The payment information of the hosting package you purchased
  • StableHost - Web Hosting Details: Notice your host pack has been enabled containing important information for accessing the host

StableHost will create a password for you to access the host, if you find it difficult to remember, then you should click this link: to Services -> My services, then select the hosting package to buy and find. Change Password on the left side and change your new password. Finally, you click Save Changes.

Please keep in mind that you need to draw attention to StableHost client account will be different from the host login account offline. You just change the password above that is to change the password to access the host in the cPanel.

You may then receive an email asking for confirmation by 6 digits (red box) via phone. The system of StableHost will automatically call on your phone. You just need to catch 6 digits and enter these numbers to complete the registration.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion in StableHost

If you want to save much money on your budget when upgrading the hosting, then you should not miss out the Black Friday promotion in StableHost.

  • New account and Phoenix location users will be promoted up to 75% lifetime discounted.

  • New account and all location users will also be deducted up to 40% lifetime discounted.

  • Whole Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting will be discounted up to 80% lifetime discounted


​In summary, the host service of StableHost has been running for a long time and many webmasters in the world rated this is a great hosting service company. I used and would recommend to anyone who asked for reviews on hosting here. If you have other experiences, feel free to leave a comment box to share with me as it will be extremely useful information for everyone.