For those who are looking for a well-deserved server with a 2.5GHz processor, then you could consider Vultr because many webmasters agree that this is a reliable cloud computing company.

For me, I did not get troubled with Vultr and what I have had was quickly fixed. At this time, you probably do not use Vultr, but it will be a worthy review for the upcoming time if you have more than one website. You need to select some providers to your “just in case”.

What Is Vultr?

​Vultr is simple a cloud computing provider which offers high-performance SSD cloud servers from countries to the world.

​They always pay attention to their services to make a well-deserved reputation for all developers and webmasters. Thanks to a standardized structure, they can create the most reputable service for all clients.

​They have more than 50 employees based in Matawan, New Jersey. Today, Vultr has about 15 data centers around the globe, including some US cities, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, and Sydney. They specialize in fast cloud infrastructure with Intel-based machines.

​How Does Vultr Work ?

​In fact, Vultr has three specific services – Block storage, dedicated instances, and Vultr Cloud Compute or it is called VC2.

  • VC2: this service is made for advanced computing tasks;
  • Block storage: this service is served for higher storage tasks;
  • Dedicated instances: this service provides all benefits of both a controlled server and a private cloud.

With the Vultur, they provide more services than other hosting providers, the root access is an example. In other words, you enable to make some certain changes to the operating system and they also revise the main configuration files without using files like Apache’s.htaccess.

Thus, clients probably select several main Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. Patrons also ought to upload their bootable .iso files. They can completely control their software like a basic LAMP, FreeBSD server with NGINX, PostgreSQL, Python, etc.

If you want to manage more than a shared system, then the dedicated instances are your option as you can rent an entire machine or a percentage of a server. This is suitable for all applications which require high privacy and high performance because the system is not shared.

Furthermore, you can manage your own instances via a web-based control panel. Start servers, reboot them, make new images, and re-install the operating system are one of the best examples you may handle when using Vultr.

If you are an on-call engineer, you will access and diagnose all issues with servers easily even when they could not be near a desktop because the control panel gives the console access. You just use the command line to undertake out-of-brand tasks when logging in.

Vultr has many popular applications which could be installed with one click only like Drupal, Docker, and WordPress. You ought to save much time by installing these applications from scratch.


Vultr has several different flavors of Linux, Windows, and more option for uploading OS. Therefore, you are able to find out the proper option no matter what kinds of flavor you want to run on it.

Well, the major software could perform better on different operating systems and Vultr creates it easy to get the right selection at all.

Control Panel

​When it comes to the control panel, it is also suitable as a mobile application, you check your servers directly within few minutes only.


​Do you want to create an .iso of a server instance? Vultr can help you solve this problem! When creating an .iso of a server instance, then you can configure it properly and use it to boot up your future instances so fast.

The only task you have to do is that you go through the customization and establish the process at once. This process can support you add an additional layer to your backups.


No matter what countries you live, you totally begin your website and control it promptly with the Vultr. They have 15 different datacenters around the world from Asian to American as well.

Mobile Option

​It is not complicated to start a new server instance at your workstation once you have used Vultr. Even you need to access the server through your mobile, spin it up and manage your existing ones in one hour or less.

Customer Service

In their homepage, you can find many common questions in the FAQs part with lots of useful guides.

These are great for an entry-level developer to learn. If you have a serious problem, then you could contact their customer service team straightly through some kinds of contact such as email, ticketing, and social media.

They also build an internal support that you can access as it is an online community to interact each other with many experience levels.

What I Like About Vultr?

  • Reasonable price point
  • Many public cloud server and dedicated cloud server plans
  • Rapid account activation
  • Great server deployment
  • Excellent control panel
  • Ergonomic bandwidth usage
  • Free of charge credit for the first 60 days with new users

What I Don't Like About Vultr?

  • Fixed payment month on the first day of each month
  • Blocked SMTP (users need to contact the supporting team to unblock)

Why Should You Buy Vultr?

The first reason I buy Vltr is that they have a reasonable price tag; especially when I am a new developer or I want to try new provider for your niche website.

Also, they have several different infrastructures with hosting plans to choose from. Furthermore, they have the latest looking dashboard with clear text and colors, so many accounts could be opened by using an email address and password.

How Much Price?

Plan Name



Monthly Price

Compute Instance 1

15 GB

1 TB


Compute Instance 2

20 GB

2 TB


Compute Instance 3

45 GB

3 TB


Compute Instance 4

90 GB

4 TB


Compute Instance 5

150 GB

5 TB


Compute Instance 6

300 GB

6 TB


Compute Instance 7

600 GB

10 TB


Compute Instance 8

700 GB

15 TB


Dedicated Cloud 1

120 GB SSD

10 TB


Dedicated Cloud 2

2x 120 GB SSD

20 TB


Dedicated Cloud 3

3x 120 GB SSD

30 TB


Dedicated Cloud 4

4x 120 GB SSD

40 TB



​In a nutshell, Vultr is a high-quality service provider and every user can use their services easily. It is said that Vultr is similar to Digital Ocean, but Vultr offers their services with different things that you can feel when you are a client of them.

So, why do not you register and begin with your experience about the Vultr for your website?

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