As a web developer, it is extremely important to find and purchase reputable hosting provider. And Bigrock is one of that. One of my friends has used services from Bigrock. And he has recommended this provider to me.

On his suggestion, I have registered domain service from this company, and I would say that Bigrock is an awesome service provider with great customer supports as well. Do you know the quality of Bigrock service provider? Well, this is the reason you should continue to read my review. Take ahead!

What Is Bigrock?

Bigrock is one of the reliable service providers and they serve bunches of clients from countries to the world.

The company based in India, so this is a big plus for those who are webmasters live in some areas around India region. And some people have websites, which are suitable for India audiences and these servers are based in India as well.

Bigrock has become renowned for offering the most reputable providers for web-hosting services, domain services, email-hosting services, and other DIY website builder solutions.

Whether you are an entry-level blogger or you are running your own business through the online platform, Bigrock totally enables to support you and your business.

They often take pride in giving the most available services and affordable price for all online solutions to meet their various needs of clients.

Also, they are credited by the ICANN with many successful websites (more than 6 million).

How Does Bigrock Work?

​Shared Hosting Service

It is said that Bigrock Starter Hosting Plan has an affordable price when compared to other providers. In case you have a simple and small website, the Starter Plan is a suitable option for you.

For those who are running and developing websites for other customers, they should select the Advanced Shared Hosting Plan. And the Business Hosting Plan is good for all kinds of business volumes, but the cost is absolutely higher than other packages.

VPS Hosting Service

If you want to host your website on a VPS, you have much more to select VPS Hosting Service. Similarly, with the price is lower than other competitors with high-quality solutions, you are satisfied at all.

There are four major forms of the VPS Hosting Plans, you should see and consider your own one:

  • V1 Plan: 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, and 500 GB Transfer
  • V3 Plan: 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD, and 800 GB Transfer
  • V5 Plan: 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 1500 GB Transfer
  • V7 plan: 4.5 GB RAM, 140 GB HDD, 3000 GB Transfer

Having said that, the V5 and V7 plans are ideal for large websites while the V1 and V3 plans are great selections for both small and mid-sized websites.

Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Bigrock gives Windows and Linux Hosting. Their dedicated web-hosting packages have 4 arrangements with Mach-1, Mach-2, Mach-3, and Mach-4. Because each hosting plan has special features with good price, you need to take into account both of them.

On the plus side, Dedicated Hosting Plan also has SuprerMicro Blade servers, Instant Provisioning, with the high-end Intel Xeon processors, RAID one hard drives, CentOS, and cPanel.


If you try to use the Bigrock service provider, you will have some benefits. Stay tuned!

They provide tremendous customer support with friendly employees through live chat, email, and phone call. They also have ticket support and respond all questions from clients.

They also have some major applications such as 1-click WordPress install, b2evolution, 4images Gallery, Drupal and Joomla in the web portals and CMS, ssCommerce, and CubeCart in the shopping cart, Advanced Poll and phpsurveyor in all Polls and surveys, phpBB in message forums, and Wiki as well.

Thanks to a 30-day money back guarantee policy, new users can try to register and get experience from Bigrock before making a final decision in the long run of usage.

What I Like About Bigrock?

  • Ease of use the control panel
  • High-performance services with VPS and Dedicated
  • Excellent connection in all programs
  • Various hosting plans
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • ​Reasonable price tag without extra fees
  • Many Bigrock coupons to choose from

What I Don't Like About Bigrock?

  • Lack of some features in some basic plans
  • Slow customer support (sometimes, many clients blame for this issue). Also, their supporting time is limited, so you need to check this point beforehand.

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Why Should You Buy Bigrock?


Thanks to the effective team, Bigrock offers thoroughly secured server. With hackings and Daily server, they completely handle these issues. Additionally, they provide latest Antivirus, Malware, and Rootkits scanning tools to increase the security for all client websites.

They believe that new technologies and many hosting packages, as well as reasonable price and standard features, all clients probably feel comfortable to run their websites and increase more profits.


Bigrock does not only serve quite well through their customer service employees but also they give more backup and security features in each hosting plan. Then, you enable to take backup your databases on a regular basis to prevent hacking problems.

In case you have no idea to undertake your backup databases, you should contact their support team. They will help you.

Unfortunately, Bigrock slowly has responded to their clients and has given many complains about this. I think that they lack employees to reply to all customers in a short time. We should find out the real reason for blaming.


This company also has an unbeatable price point that most of the webmasters and others will save a lot. Keep going to read the price partly to know more the digits.

How Much Price?

In fact, each of hosting plan package also has a different price. Thus, you need to discover and check out more details before purchasing.

Final Words

I have already finished my review of the Bigrock. Though this provider has some downsides, it is still a worthy investment to manage websites if developers select Bigrock. There is no denying that Bigrock offers great price with high-quality uptime feature to boost the performance of their client websites.

What’s more, they often have some hot deals that you need to access their homepage. Do not miss out these incredible opportunities!